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Termeni sacardotali şi funerari în versiunea românească a Eneidei

Publicația: Philologica Banatica, IV (2), p. 45-55
Editura:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Rezumat:Professor G.I. Tohăneanu’s translation of Aeneid succeeds in recreating the original ambiance of the Vergilian masterpiece by lexical construction; according to his own testimony, the author uses in his translation old Romanian lexical terms, popular and regional forms: “In order to keep the archaic spirit I was constrained to use very few neologisms and to favor grammatical forms of old Romanian scriptures and even non-literary forms that are characteristic to popular language levels”14. The richness of the Romanian language has enabled the translator to compensate at the phonetic level of the grammatical structure, and especially at the lexical level, the inevitable losses intrinsic to the translation process, and to find solutions “analogues” to the original text, capable to reproduce the ambiance and the images existent in the genuine text. These resources of the Romanian language that have been exploited over the ages by so many “hard workers” of the written word, have constituted the raw material by which the translator’s skill has managed to recreate the epical masterpiece Aeneid. From this material, I have selected a few lexemes that thematically belong to funeral and sacerdotal terms. By studying these terms and continuously referring to their Latin correspondents, a general illustration has been established for the transfer that was obtained at various analysis levels, that is conceptually and linguistically (phonetic and stylistic effects, morphological and syntactical structures, the main features of the language).
Cuvinte-cheie:traducere, lexem, arhaism, regionalism, funerar
Limba: română

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