Francisc Gafton

Francisc Gafton

Francis Gafton (July 17, 1966) – Student of Professor Vasile Arvinte.

Evolutionary linguist and philologist, with a Humean naturalist perspective. 

Author of studies that attempt to understand the dynamics of language, thought, society and the evolution of relations between them; author of critical editions of old Romanian texts; translator and commentator of works in the fields of diachronic linguistics and the history of Christianity, evolutionism and mentalities.

Articles published in “Diacronia”

Book reviewDiacronia 9, May 7, 2019, A139
Ioan Piuariu-Molnar, Deutsch-Walachische Sprachlehre, Gramatică germano-română, Viena, 1788, vol. I (605 p.), vol. II (559 p.), Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iași, 2018.

EditorialDiacronia 9, May 7, 2019, A129
The Neo-Darwinian ideology

EditorialDiacronia 7, April 27, 2018, A97
The apparent contrariety

Book reviewDiacronia 6, September 30, 2017, A94
Lucia Wald, Progresul în limbă. Scurtă istorie a limbajului. Ediția a II-a, revăzută. Text îngrijit, notă asupra ediției și prefață de Petre Gheorghe Bârlea, Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iași, 2017, 346 p.

ArticleDiacronia 4, August 1, 2016, A50
Considerations on the theory of the basis of articulation (I)

EditorialDiacronia 4, August 1, 2016, A49
Science and the stakes of authority

EditorialDiacronia 2, July 17, 2015, A17
The organicity of science

EditorialDiacronia 1, January 13, 2015, A1
The essentialness of diachrony

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