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Despre discriminare în DEX

Publication: Limba română: direcții actuale în cercetarea lingvistică. Actele celui de-al 11-lea Colocviu Internațional al Departamentului de Lingvistică, II, p. 41
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:The article presents the manner in which the definitions of certain words used for ethnic and sexual minorities were modified in the 2012 edition of the Explanatory Dictionary of Romanian (abbreviated as DEX).
The revision of the definitions was done following the requests received at the Institute of Linguistics and the Romanian Academy on behalf of the National Council for Combating Discrimination and of other organizations or associations.
Considering the aforementioned requests as appropriate, the authors of DEX reformulated the definitions according to the requirements and norms of an explanatory dictionary, in accordance with the European dictionaries, and in the spirit of modern mentality of democratic societies.
Language: Romanian

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