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Dialectal şi literar în flexiunea substantivului românesc

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al XIV-lea Simpozion Internațional de Dialectologie, p. 398
Editors:Nicolae Mocanu, Dumitru Loșonți, Eugen Beltechi
Publisher:Argonaut, Scriptor
Abstract:The aim of the article is to highlight some dialectal aspects in the Romanian nominal inflection: novel or archaic regional forms, still preserved in some dialectal areas, the presence of vowel and consonant alternating forms as additional (redundant) plural markers, the various means of marking the Genitive and Dative case in some dialectal areas. We also checked if fluctuations in form are allowed (double singular or plural morphological forms of some nouns in the literary language, double or even triple Genitive-Dative forms) in the most recent normative works. Our hypothesis is that the current literary norm allows for an extremely large series of double morphological gender, number and case forms.
The solution would be for a new edition:
1. to eliminate an entire series of terms belonging to other registers than the literary one;
2. to reduce drastically the number of any type of double and triple forms;
3. to abandon a series of terms, older or more recent, with an extremely limited spreading or which have not yet been adopted in the literary language;
We consider that, in order to make some concessions to the linguistic use, it would be necessary to make some linguistic enquiries to determine the frequency of some inflectional forms.
Key words:
  • substantive, forme regionale arhaice şi noi, dublete morfologice
  • nouns, novel/archaic regional forms, morphological doubles
Language: Romanian

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