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Romgleza – o temă controversată

Publication: Înspre şi dinspre Cluj : contribuţii lingvistice : omagiu profesorului G. G. Neamţu la 70 de ani, p. 458
Editors:Ionuț Pomian, Nicolae Mocanu
Abstract:[Romgleza, a controversial subject]
The Anglicisms invasion represents a feature of the current press language. But for its disadvantages due to the borrowings from other languages, leading to illiterate ways of expression, the advantages are big enough: the public receiver is attracted by this linguistic fashion, perceiving the press language as being a familiar one, extremely accessible.
The essence of language is to get renewed every day. The borrowings from other languages, the internal changes and their correct use are everything that matters in this case. We can see that the media promotes the language the most, as it is aware of its tendencies and can influence it every day, along with its speakers.
Key words:
  • romgleză, anglicisme, uz corect, mass-media
  • romgleză, Anglicisms, correct use, mass-media
Language: Romanian

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