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Arsenie Boca, Cărarea împărăției. Particularități morfosintactice

Publication: Înspre şi dinspre Cluj : contribuţii lingvistice : omagiu profesorului G. G. Neamţu la 70 de ani, p. 358-375
Editors:Ionuț Pomian, Nicolae Mocanu
Abstract:[Arsenie Boca, Cărarea Împărăției. Morphologic and syntactic characteristics]
Cărarea Împărăției was written by Arsenie Boca, between 1946 and 1949, being continuously “polished” during these years, as Monahia Zamfira Constantinescu declares in her work Notă asupra ediţiei I (Note on the First Edition). I used The Fifth Edition of the book, the Priest Conf. Dr. Simion Todoran and Monahia Zamfira Constantinescu edition, Deva, 2006, Publishing of the Romanian Saint Orthodox Episcopate of Arad, 358 pages. In Notă asupra ediţiei I, it’s mentioned that the quotations from the Holy Scripture were given by Arsenie Boca according to the 1936 edition of the Holy Scripture and the 1939 edition translated by the Priests Prof. Vasile Radu and Gala Galaction. Our study highlights and analyse the main morphologic, syntactic particularities of Arsenie Boca’s book, Cărarea Împărăției.
Key words:
  • particularităţi morfologice, particularităţi sintactice, Cărarea Împărăției, Arsenie Boca
  • morphologic particularities, syntactic particularities, Cărarea Împărăției, Arsenie Boca
Language: Romanian

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