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Relaționare și linearizare: în afară că/în afară de/în afara

Publication: Înspre şi dinspre Cluj : contribuţii lingvistice : omagiu profesorului G. G. Neamţu la 70 de ani, p. 236-248
Editors:Ionuț Pomian, Nicolae Mocanu
Abstract:[Grammatical relations and linerization: în afară că/în afară de/în afara]
The paper focuses on the syntactic status of three Romanian linking devices, în afară că/în afară de/în afara, which are used in generating addition (in addition to) and exception adverbials (except), as well as on the implications that the analysis of these segments have on various current theories. For Minimalism, any derivation goes through a hierarchical process of compilation before being linearized at Spell-Out. Uriagereka’s (1999) Multiple Spell-Out hypothesis, and Chomsky’s (2000, 2001) Phase Theory reveal significant insight into the treatment of Romanian addition and exception adverbials. The paper argues in favour of parametrised derivations for Romanian adverbials, showing that the PPs and the non-finite CPs originate from a single source despite the heterogeneous syntactic output.
Key words:
  • derivare, Minimalism, trăsături, contrast
  • derivation, Minimalism, phases, features, contrast
Language: Romanian

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