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Contribuţii la studiul manipulării prin cuvânt

Publication: Distorsionări în comunicarea lingvistică, literară și etnofolclorică românească și contextul european, Section Lingvistică, p. 115-120
Editors:Luminița Botoșineanu, Elena Dănilă, Cecilia Holban, Ofelia Ichim
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[Contributions regarding the study of the manipulation by the word]
As early as ancient times the philosophers and speakers were used to study the language in order to develop the secrets that reveal it’s power. Thos is due to the fact that people’s capacity to communicate is a sine qua non condition of the success in each domain. The human being essential feature to communicate by the words is a sublime gift, an advantage. The words offer the possibility to supply the communication between people with a concrete aspect considerate as some tools of the thinking and an emotional self expression.
During the last years communication sciences deal more and more with the words’ power and with their results in communication. The words’ contribution in diverse social environments may be favourable but in some cases they also may be harmful. The latter refers to the case when the abusive usage of the words (through semantic distortion, the meaning’s change, the excess of foreign words instead of traditional words in order to hide the reality) leads to the distortion of the communication. Sometimes, the language serves for a lie, a persuasion, a manipulation. The manipulation through the language contributes to the setting up and consolidation of the Power (by the political, economical, advertising/ commercial, religious nature). So, people use interesting verbs, epithets and hyperboles, nouns with modified meaning which would function as some clichés in order to hide the reality. So, as a result of the manipulation, the communication credibility can be annihilated.
Language: Romanian

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183Adriana Stoichițoiu-IchimVocabularul limbii române actuale
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