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Forme ale discursului repetat ca tradiţii literare europene inserate în tradiţia lingvistică românească

Publication: Identitatea culturală românească în contextul integrării europene, Section Lingvistică
Editors:Marius-Radu Clim, Ofelia Ichim, Laura Manea, Florin-Teodor Olariu
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[Types of Repeated Discourse as European Literary Traditions Inserted in the Romanian Linguistic Tradition]
Our paper has as a starting point the ideas of the great linguist Eugeniu Coşeriu (1921 – 2002) concerning culture and tradition, with a view to creating an appropriate outline in order to analyse some types of repeated discourse, the latter being also considered from Coşeriu’s point of view. Repeated discourse is defined as “everything that is repeated in a community’s speech, in a more or less identical type of ready-made discourse or a more or less fixed combination, as a long or short fragment of ‘what has already been said” (Eugeniu Coşeriu). A type of repeated discourse, dealt with here, consists of famous quotations, often of foreign origin in our culture, but which become literary traditions inserted in our linguistic traditions, due to be studied by text linguistics.
Famous quotations and phrases, adages etc, belong to the entire humanity and, implicitly, to our culture. According to Coşeriu, culture (based on language) is a creative activity (enérgeia), unlimited; however, it is always placed within tradition and in full accordance with that tradition. Culture is universal as object, and national through subject, since the creator belongs to a historically-made community, proving its nationality through its own voice.
Our aim is thus to make a few comments on how some types of repeated discourse of European origin in our Romanian linguistics can be used and modified (starting from the studies of the researcher Stelian Dumistrăcel). As a case in point, we will deal with Buffon’s phrase «Le style c’est l’homme même».
Language: Romanian

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