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Termeni din domeniul petrolului și reflexele lor în onomastică

Publication: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția a III-a: Conventional / unconventional in onomastics, p. 672
Editors:Oliviu Felecan
Publisher:Editura Mega, Editura Argonaut
Abstract:[Terms in the oil industry and their occurrences in onomastics]
The field of energy industry, in general, and the field of oil and gas industry, in particular, have produced in time an impressive amount of specialised terms, which are difficult to cover by specialised dictionaries. This is mainly due to the primordial and complex importance of this field in the economic, industrial and scientific areas, in the field of therapy, house appliances as well as linguistics. The use of numerous words from the field of energy (be they conventional or unconventional) was generated by historical translation, extended to the present day. However, there is a recent terminology, for instance, the one in the field of natural gas exploration and exploitation from unconventional deposits: tight gas sands, shale gas and coalbed methane. In fact, the phrase “unconventional natural gas” refers to the natural gas deposits formed in complex geological structures with low permeability, whose commercial exploitation can be accomplished only by applying advanced and expensive operations. Taking this into account, the present paper aims at studying and updating basic specific terms from the field of energy and especially from the petroleum and gas industry.
Key words:energy, terminology, conventional, unconventional, shale gas
Language: Romanian

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