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Observații referitoare la numele proprii in limbajul adolescenţilor

Publication: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția a II-a: Onomastica din spațiul public actual, p. 767
Editors:Oliviu Felecan
Publisher:Editura Mega, Editura Argonaut
Abstract:[Comments on proper names in adolescents’ language]
Adolescents’ language reveals its speakers’ enthusiasm for linguistic innovation, which implies a high degree of subjectivity manifested in various contexts of communication. The personal names under discussion (names expressing personal characteristics, nicknames) are psychologically and socially motivated, and they are based on names denoting emotions, admiration, jobs and animals. Various names of this kind are often suggestive of the name giver’s preference for a person/an object, the association of the name with a certain walk of life, while they may also be parodies of names of key figures. The proper names belonging to adolescents’ social and cultural group are obtained by means of derivation, composition and conversion, or they may be borrowed, especially from English.
Key words:language, adolescent, innovation, expressiveness
Language: Romanian

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