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Valeurs identitaires de l’anthroponymie dans le village de Seleuš, le Banat Serbe

Publication: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția I: Interferențe multietnice în antroponimie, p. 33
Editors:Oliviu Felecan
Publisher:Editura Mega
Abstract:[Identity Values of the Anthroponomy in Seleuš Village, the Serbian Banat]
In the multiethnic context, like that of Voïvodina, onomastics (in this case, the anthroponomy) has important sociolinguistic valences values. The name is a mark denoting the belonging to an ethnic community, bearing the collective history rather than individual history, which takes out the name from the linguistic periphery to the more generous field of anthropology. The Seleuš village situated in the Serbian Banat has conserved for a long time a structure that is predominantly Romanian, which is reflected also at the onomastic level. The contemporary period, through various contaminations caused by the mobility of the population, operates spontaneous or artificial direct inserts, which translate the changing process in the structure of the population. The management of the Other at the level of the heterogeneous communities, or of those that are in a heterogeneous environment, generates symbolic confrontations in the reports of otherness.
Key words:identity, patronymic, multiethnic context, sociolinguistics
Language: French

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