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On the denotational and socio-expressive properties of the Greek verbal derivatives in apo-, ek(s)-, and kse-

Publication: Bucharest Working Papers in Linguistics, XV (1)
Publisher:Universitatea din București
Abstract:This paper deals with the semantic structure of the Greek verb prefixes apo-, ek(s)-, and kse- by focussing on their socio-expressive content. The patterns presented are the result of an empirical analysis of data extracted from language interviews conducted with 31 native Greek speakers in Athens, Greece in October 2010. Lieber’s (2004, 2007) theoretical framework is used in the analysis. The results suggest that apo- and kse- are similar both denotationally and socio-expressively, while ek(s)- shows up with an ambiguous structure. The interactional socio-expressive patterns make clear that no composition takes place between prefixes and bases but a discharging of the prefixal content onto a non-base argument. Positive socio-expressive clusters in the verbal roots promote the default negative content of the prefixes.
Key words:morphological theory, verbal prefixes, distancing, socio-expressive meaning

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