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Text, e-text, intertext şi internet

Publication: Philologia, LII (1-2), p. 86
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:Internet language and computer language are experiencing nowadays the most spectacular rise and have the greatest impact on the common language. Characterized by an extraordinary capacity that could be called: “Nothing is lost, everything is added”, Internet language is defined by continuous overlaps between texts, the existence of everything and all „at the same time”. Electronic text (e-text) should find its place in a general theory of text, because it is also a kind of intertext, more exactly hypertext, which follows its own creative rules – in this texts coexist old, bygone era and new texts, contemporary texts and texts that are born at the moment when they are written at the computer or when read/ commented/ interpreted by another users of e-texts – all of them making up the network of the universal, dialogic text.

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