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Hypertextul – unitatea fundamentală a webului şi a comunicării online

Publication: Philologia, LIII (3-4), p. 63-74
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:According to Ted Nelson’s vision, the one who launched the concept in computer science, hypertext is a written or graphic material interconnected in a complex manner, through hyperlinks, and which conventionally can not be represented on paper. For the humanities, electronic hypertext is a special type of written communication, a particular form of organization of computer-mediated written text. The hypertext is characterized by nonlinearity, fragmentation, variativity, polyphony, dialogism, heterogeneity, interactivity, multimediality, creativity, anonimity, duplicitary or multiplicitary identity, temporal and spatial freedom and independence, openness, virtuality, structural dispersion, compositional instability, non-hierarchy, discontinuity, integrability etc.
Language: Romanian

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