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Terminologia militară vestimentară. Abordări teoretice

Publication: Philologia, LIV (5-6), p. 156-163
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:This article is focused on the military terminology on clothing, a field that is distinguished by a significant complexity and diversity. In author’s opinion, this is a ground that continues to be unexplored or tangentially explored for the time being. Taking into account the fact that in the last decades, it is remarked an increased interest of scientists’ for the language professional dissimilarity and the peculiarities of the professional language, the author considers that nowadays is important to explain and comment the definition of the military language on clothing as well as to ascertain its place within both the literary system of the romanian language and the romanian military treminology.
Key words:Terminological macrosystems, military language on clothing, professional communication, terminological metalanguage, terminologisation, lexicalisation, monosemantic nature, distinctive meaning, stylistic neutrality, variable nature of the romanian military terminology
Language: Romanian

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88N. A. UrsuFormarea terminologiei ştiinţifice româneştiEditura Științifică1962

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