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Note privind nivelul structurii informaționale al enunțului

Publication: Philologia, LIV (1-2), p. 82-90
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:The article presents a modeling of the informational structure level of a statement (theme – rheme segmentation) as well as of the process that underlies the foundation of this level (the act of informational localization of the statement). An analysis of this layer of significance is performed in close connection with the level of referential structure (semantic doers – semantic predicate segmentation) as well as with that of predicative structure (logical-syntactical subject – predicate segmentation). Representing a mechanism of informational updating of an statement in relation to the communicative context, the level is determined by the need to adapt the information content of the statement to interlocutor’s knowledge. Ensuring inclusion of the statement in the informational space of the definite context, the level of information structure undergoes an adaptation of lexical-grammatical structure of the statement to communicative tasks pursued by the speaker.
Language: Romanian

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382Valeria Guțu Romalo (coord.)GALR
Gramatica limbii române. I. Cuvântul; II. Enunțul
Editura Academiei2005; 2008

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