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Fundamentele lingvistice ale terminologiei economice

Publication: Studia Universitatis Petru Maior. Philologia, 16, p. 34
Publisher:Universitatea Petru Maior
Place:Târgu Mureș
Abstract:In economic language metamorphoses study, our research takes into account several features of term relationship - concept, viewed from two perspectives: a theoretical aspect, an economic concept is universal and unifying; B. a pragmatic where the domain is achieved differently on the basis of at least two variables: the differences in the form and content, on the one hand, the particular features of the language- independent reality, on the other hand. The multiple Etymology, typology, multilingual nature makes it impossible to analyze all aspects. Contribute to the difficulties mentioned diachronic and synchronic, so the huge amount of conceptual and linguistic elements and specialized language training on the principle of interdisciplinarity.
Key words:the multiple Etymology; typology; multilingual nature makes
Language: Romanian

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