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Strategii pragmatice de reluare, gramaticalizate ca relaţii apozitive de tip GN1 – GN2

Publication: Limba română, LVIII (2), p. 275
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The article investigates the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic properties of several Romanian structures based on the adjacency of two NPs: 1. definite noun – demonstrative pronoun (cartea aceasta, Engl. the book, this one, “this book”); 2. definite noun/pronoun – emphatic pronoun (copilul însuşi, Engl. the boy himself, “the boy himself”); 3. personal pronoun – definite noun (noi femeile, Engl. we the women, “we women”); 4. definite noun/pronoun – fused QP (vecinii toţi; vecinii amândoi; Maria una; ei trei, Engl. the neighbours all; the neighbours both; Mary one; they three, “the neighbours, all of them; the neighbours, both of them; as for Mary; they, the three of them”); 5. fused QP – fused QP (oricine altcineva; cine altcineva?; nimeni altcineva, engl. anybody somebody else; who anyone else; nobody anybody else, „anybody else; who else; nobody else”). The structures under discussion underlie a resumptive pragmatic strategy grammaticalized as a special type of appositive relation between two NPs, displaying particular syntactic and semantic configurations that trigger a wide range of discourse phenomena. Accordingly, several types of appositive relations will be identified: demonstrative appositions – grammaticalization of a resumptive strategy aimed at the precise, unequivocal identification of the referent; emphatic apposition – grammaticalization of a resumptive strategy aimed at referent (contrastive) focalization; categorization apposition – grammaticalization of a resumptive strategy aimed at the speaker’s/ hearer’s (self)inclusion in a category; quantificational apposition – grammaticalization of a resumptive strategy aimed at the reorientation of the designation process towards a quantification one; corrective quantificational apposition – grammaticalization of a resumptive strategy aimed at the correction of the quantificational process.
Key words:
  • grup nominal, determinant, relaţie apozitivă, strategie de reluare
  • noun phrase, determinant, appositive relation, resumptive strategy
Language: Romanian

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