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Les compétences linguistiques en evolution

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 12, p. 352-357
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:At a discursive level, but also in the documents of educational politics it became ubiquitous the rhetoric of the competences which are the centre of modern education, contrasting the traditional education centred on knowledge. In fact, competences include knowledge and skills and it is obvious: knowledge represent an integrating part of the future competences, represent their pedestal. Competence, in the eyes of the present curriculum, becomes the unique „organiser” for the levels in education and for the school subjects. School syllabuses aim at the general competences which have replaced the objectives. The Romanian language is without doubt, the tool and the environment of developing the capacity to understand the world, a thing which is highly reflected in the school syllabuses in two ways: directly, by the global objectives which aim at the developing of understanding and indirectly, by the punctual objectives which aim at the building of cultural and linguistic competences. The fundamental co- ordinates of the present vision are represented by the communication competence, a concept which integrates and extends the linguistic competence. The linguistic competence emphasizes the knowledge regarding the forms of the language and the communication competence refers to the knowledge which allows a person to have a personal and interactive communication, it refers to the capacity to use a language, to produce and to decode messages and it also refers to the negotiation of the meaning in specific contexts. The communication competence in the Romanian language, at school age, is the instrument which is used in school subjects and after the school age it becomes an advantage in the professional way.
Key words:linguistic competence, communication competence, curriculum
Language: French

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265Angela Bidu-Vrănceanu, Cristina Călărașu, Liliana Ionescu-Ruxăndoiu, Mihaela Mancaș, Gabriela Pană DindeleganDicționar de științe ale limbiiEditura Nemira2001; 2005

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