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Remarks on physics terminology in Amphiloch of Hotin’s “Gramatica fizicii”

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 8, p. 135
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:The present paper deals with a text of science popularization elaborated by Amphiloch, the bishop of Hotin, in 1796. The text, a translation and adaptation of an Italian treaty of natural sciences, highly contributed to the constitution of the Romanian scientific vocabulary, disseminating authentic terminologies in various fields of science. The study represents an analysis of the specialized terminology in the field of physics, due to the fact that here appear, for the first time in specialty literature, basic notions in this field. The physics terminology is rich and has a heterogeneous character, being made up of lexical borrowings, loan-translations, old, common terms and syntagms.
Key words:common terms, lexical borrowings, loan-translations
Language: English

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88N. A. UrsuFormarea terminologiei ştiinţifice româneştiEditura Științifică1962

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