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Tratarea expresiilor în câteva dicţionare explicative actuale

Publication: Limba română, LIX (2), p. 230
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The article presents the treatment of certain phraseological units (the expressions) in some Romanian explanatory dictionaries, including an online one. It also draws the attention on lexicographical aspects as the similarities and the differences between the way that expressions are presented and defined in those academic information sources (except DEX online, that represents the result of a private initiative to make disponible on the internet some other types of Romanian dictionaries) and the implications thereof.
Key words:
  • abstracţie, ac, acatist, acoperi, acoperire, acces, achita, activ, adânc, adio
  • abstractio, needle, prayer (service with prayers and hymns), to cover up, covering, access, to acquit, active, profound (deep), adieu
Language: Romanian

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