“Diacronia” bibliometric database (BDD)

Baza de date românească din cadrul platformei Neorom

Publication: Limba română, LIX (1), p. 13
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This paper presents the Romanian contribution to the database Neorom. The project Neorom has the target to build a database of lexical neologisms, collected since 2004, from the daily written press, in all the Romance languages. The paper has two main parts. The former presents the Neorom interface with respect to the fields one can fill in for describing a certain new word. The latter describes the content of the Romanian database from the point of view of neologism types, that is, their formation manners (derivation, word composition, loan etc).
Key words:
  • bază de date lexicale, neologisme, Neorom, tipuri de formare
  • lexical database, neologisms, Neorom, formation types
Language: Romanian

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