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La revue Colóquio Letras et la mise en valeur de la traduction au Portugal (1980-1985)

Publication: Atelier de traduction, 20, p. 95
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:Colóquio Letras is a scientific Portuguese literary journal founded in 1971. Although most of its articles focus on Portuguese literature but some of them deal with the translation of literature. This paper studies the articles on translation published between 1980 and 1985. During these five years, 92 texts about translation were published, ranging from signalling new translations, to book reviews and testimonies from translators about their own experience of translating. This journal therefore seems to have played an important, yet unacknowledged, role in the development of translation studies in Portugal in this period.
Key words:literature, translation criticism, divulgation, repertory
Language: French

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