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Analyser les quatre traductions de Des Sauvages de Samuel de Champlain : réflexions sur le modèle d’Antoine Berman

Publication: Atelier de traduction, 20, p. 43
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:In his works La traduction et la lettre ou l’auberge du lointain et Pour une critique des traductions : John Donne, Antoine Berman presents a methodology which enables researchers to critize translations. In this article, we justify our choice of using Berman’s ideas to prove the working hypothesis of our master’s thesis. Therefore, this article is a reflection of the use of Berman’s theories for a case study ‒ the English translations of Des Sauvages written by Samuel de Champlain. In the end, this article aims at presenting the hightlights as well as the limitations of Berman’s model.
Key words:Samuel de Champlain, deforming tendencies, translation analytics
Language: French

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