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Pasivul cu a veni – Traducere din italiană sau inovaţie românească?

Publication: Limba română, LXI (1), p. 73
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In this paper, the authors investigate the passive construction with a veni ‘come’ in Romanian, which occurs in two different styles (in the oral, spoken language and in written, high-style texts), in two Romanian dialects (Daco-Romanian and Istro-Romanian), at different times, starting with the 18th century. The hypothesis of this paper is twofold. In the first place, we show that, on the well-known paths of grammaticalization, in Romanian there independently emerged a veni passive construction with a supplementary modal value, which is found in the present-day spoken language. In the second place, in certain texts translated from Italian another a veni passive construction can be found, which is perfectly synonymous with the regular be passive.
Key words:
  • pasiv, a veni, valori modale
  • passive, come, modal values
Language: Romanian

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