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Interférences roumano-bulgaires dans le parler des habitants de la communauté desdites « Serbes » de Roumanie

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, V, p. 205
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
Abstract:In the Bulgarian community (improperly called “Serbs”) from Targoviste the language is still intact. As in all cases of language contact, the interference phenomenon is evident in all its complexity. The pages that follow show some aspects of vocabulary development and morpho-syntactical structure of spoken Bulgarian in this community, which was - however - in the process of dissolution, by multiplying the mixed families and younger generations’ spread throughout the rest of the city, and other localities in the country.
Key words:minority community, bilingualism, language interferences
Language: French

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68Matilda Caragiu MarioțeanuCompendiu de dialectologie română
(nord- și sud-dunăreană)
Editura Științifică1975

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