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Nicolae Manolescu and His (Chosen) French Substratum. Strategy through Words and Senses

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, VI (1-2)
Publisher:Editura Sitech
  • In order to avoid the political police control during the communist period, Nicolae Manolescu renders his written text hermetical, by forcefully making use of highly livresque French language. Thus, he does instaurate the French language as an ad-hoc substratum of the Romanian language. To this purpose, he uses a large diversity of means, mostly lexical and semantic, but which yet influence the Romanian morphology and syntax as well. The litteral transpositions from French do generate in Romanian a kind of funny spirit sustained through the mechanisms of linguistics, of which the distinctive asset is to be skilfully unwanted. This paper does illustrate a few among the many effects that, when handled by a virtuose, are generated by the French substratum, cunningly implanted in Romanian.
  • Pour berner la censure durant la période communiste, Nicolae Manolescu rend son texte hermétique à force de faire usage du français hautement livresque. Il instaure donc le français comme substrat ad-hoc du roumain. À cet effet, il emploie des moyens très divers, spécialement lexicaux et sémantiques, mais qui rayonnent aussi bien sur la morphologie et la syntaxe du roumain. Ce sont surtout les transpositions littérales du français qui créent en roumain un savamment involontaire humour à sources linguistiques. Le présent article illustre un petit nombre des effets que la présence du français, implanté à dessein, est à même de générer sous la plume d’un virtuose.
Key words:
  • substratum, livresque French language, hermetic terms, spirit, political restraining
  • substrat, français livresque, hermétisme, humour, censure
Language: French

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