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Further Apophthegmatic Units in English and Romanian – Convergent and Divergent Points

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, II (1-2), p. 145
Publisher:Editura Sitech
  • The present paper deals with a number of English phraseological and proverbial units, trying to compare them with their closest Romanian (dictionary) counterparts, in an effort to corroborate some of the most relevant points of convergence and divergence between the two languages in that specific field. The author was were essentially interested in revealing such aspects as: the degree of convergence (both in point of imagery or idea, and form/structure), the degree of international circulation, expressive/graphical referentiality vs. expressive abstractness, the etymological and historical/anecdotal relevance vs. opaqueness, the concentration of image, the aphoristic proclivity, form completeness vs. incompleteness, and the stylistic nuances.
  • L’article traite des phraséologismes des proverbes anglais et roumains inclus dans les dictionnaires, mettant en valeur les ressemblances et les différences entre les deux langues. On a étudié: les degré de convergence (du point de vue de l’imagistique et de la structure), la fréquence dans l’emploi international, l’éxpressivité abstraite, le relèvement étymologique, les formes complètes et incomplètes, les nuances stylistiques. Une série d’unités phraséologiques de circulation appartenant à des langues différentes, retiennent des éléments de ces proverbes.
Key words:
  • phraseological units, proverbs, apophthegmatic, expressiveness
  • unites phraséologiques, proverb, apophtegmatique, expressivité, lexique
Language: English

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