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Trei note etimologice

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XXIII (2), p. 152-155
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Three etymological notes]
This study approaches the etymology of some words, considered, until now, to be of unknown origin or, according to the author’s opinion, having a wrongly explained etymology. They are as follows: coleaşă ‘mash’ < lat. conlissia ‘mush, porridge’; coş ‘basket’ < lat. *quassium; nechiuri ‘nowhere’ < lat. *neque + ubi + re and rudă ‘ore’ < lat. (petra), ruda, rudar ‘miner, mine craftsman’ < lat. rudarius. The author argues the etymologies he proposes by referring to the Romance descendants of the Latin words in which they originate. He also takes into account the spread of these Romanian words into Slavic languages and in Hungarian.
Key words:
  • etimologie, coş, nechiuri, rudă
  • etimology, coş, nechiuri, rudă
Language: Romanian

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