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La double dénomination des monastères et des skites orthodoxes en Moldavie

Publication: Revue Roumaine d’Études Francophones, 4, Section Linguistique et interculturalité, p. 310-317
Publisher:Editura Junimea
Abstract:The study aims to examine ways of manifestation of denomination for Orthodox monasteries and hermitages in Moldovia (Romania), based on examples drawn from documents or fieldwork. The popular, spontaneous, secular names, as results from the ad-hoc identification of these places of worship, are formed from the name of a stream, a landmark, a village near them, or contain an anthroponym (the name of the monastery’s construction founder or sponsor). These popular names can change over time depending on the speaker’s perspective. The official, ecclesiastic names (of the titular saint of the church) usually remain unchanged, referring to the same saint or religious holiday.
Key words:Monastery, hermitages, double denomination, popular, spontaneous, official, ecclesiastical, equivalent versions
Language: French

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