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Clişeele verbale şi utilizarea acestora în discursul cotidian – câteva consideraţii semantice, sintactice şi pragmatice

Publication: Meridian Critic / Analele Universităţii „Ștefan cel Mare” din Suceava. Seria Filologie. A. Lingvistică, B. Literatură, 26 (1), Section Critical dossier: Critical discourse and linguistic variation: Cultural and linguistic stereotypes, p. 121-127
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:The complexity of human language manifested through multiple forms of transmission the communication message was, is and will be notified by speakers, but at the same time was, is and will be studied by linguists, in general, and by pragmatics in particular. The major differences between what is said through linguistic material used and what is actually meant to be said, in fact, what it is wanted to be transmitted and countless modality by which this can be achieved, it represents a rich study material. The ambiguities of language in daily conversations are created because so much verbal clichés are used in daily speech, political speech, and media discourse.
In this work, we refer to the meaning, the context and the ambiguity, the three essential elements for creating the message, transmission, reception and, especially, its interpretation, referring to some oral stereotypes that we will analyze in semantic, syntactic and pragmatic terms.
Key words:oral stereotypes, meaning, semantic, syntactic, pragmatic
Language: Romanian

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84Ioana Vintilă-Rădulescu (coord.)DOOM2
Dicționarul ortografic, ortoepic și morfologic al limbii române. Ediția a II-a revăzută și adăugită
Univers Enciclopedic2005
33Françoise ThomLimba de lemnHumanitas1993; 2005

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