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When you no longer have a sense of humour and supporters leave you (Romanian Presidential Discourses 1965-2004)

Publication: Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov. Series IV: Philology and Cultural Studies, 9 (2), Section Language studies, p. 49-80
Publisher:Transilvania University Press
Abstract:The paper will reconstruct identity and classification clues to place humor within the restrictive limits of a social group and a historic moment. The result will be, according to Bourdieu (1982, 1991), “a systematic reconstitution of the area. The used domains will be: pragmatic linguistics, the dynamics of the social groups, and the sociology of the means of communication. The present study tries to find answers regarding the social process by which public statements become inadequate, even more hilarious. The identification characteristics of hegemonic politic groups will be analyzed as well as their evolution within the community patterns like: open/ closed society, community of practice/ community of interest (Lave, Wenger, 1991), community of practice/ mobile community of practice (Kietzmann, 2013). The present analyses intends to describe the inadequacies between the individual habitus of those at the top of the political hierarchy (Bourdieu, 1982, 1991) and the “community of practice/ of interest”, namely the initial core of supporters multiplied with the number of the electorate.
Key words:presidential discourse, the sociology of humour, community of practice, ascent/decline
Language: English

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