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Redactarea hărților motivaționale – metodă inovatoare în geografia lingvistică

Publication: Limba Română (Chișinău), XXVII (1), Section Itinerar lexical, p. 205-210
Publisher:Revista „Limba Română”
Abstract:The present paper deals with the elaboration and the interpretation of the motivational linguistic maps – an innovating method of studying the motivation of the words. Such maps were first included in the Atlas linguarum Europae (ALE), then in the Atlas linguistique roman (ALiR), the only interpretative linguistic atlases up to the present. ALE and ALiR offer new possibilities for the contrastive-typological study of the languages spoken in Europe since they allowed to establish a “common mentality” at people speaking different idioms.
Key words:interpretative linguistic atlas, internal form, motivational linguistic map, motivational linguistics, motivation, motivating sign
Language: Romanian

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