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Etimologia adjectivului mare. O reconsiderare necesară

Publication: Limba română, LXV (3), Section Viața cuvintelor, p. 378-386
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[The etymology of Rom. mare (adj.). A necessary reappraisal]
I discuss the various etymologies that have been proposed for the Romanian adjective mare ‘big’ and argue for the revival of an old and now abandoned solution – Lat. maior. This is the only Latin etymology which is semantically appropriate and only requires an irregular phonetic development. Independent evidence for this phonetic development comes from Dalm. maur ‘big’ (Bartoli 1906). The fact that maior was a suppletive comparative and the replacement of the synthetic comparative by the analytic one explain why this form has been preserved but lost its comparative meaning.
Key words:
  • etimologie, romanistică, limba română, mare
  • etymology, Romance, Romanian, mare ‘big’
Language: Romanian

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