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Le cycle de vie des termes complexes: une étude en synchronie et diachronie de l’expansion et de la réduction dans les textes de spécialité

Publication: Studii de lingvistică, 2, p. 143-167
Publisher:Facultatea de Litere din Oradea
Abstract:Our study aims to observe the life cycle of complex terms in languages for specific purposes (LSP), in particular in technical domains. The languages that we analysed are French and Italian. Our research proposes an analysis of two mechanisms: the expansion and the reduction of complex terms. These mechanisms affect the linearity of the structure of the terms and they represent two phases of the evolution of complex terms. The life cycle connects the evolution of terms to the innovation within a domain. The examples that we propose show the importance of the study of the behaviour of complex terms by considering the relation among terms and connected variant by analysing texts synchronically and diachronically.
Key words:complex terms, life’s cycle, reduction, expansion, synchronic and diachronic analysis, languages for special purposes
Language: French

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