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Recursul la argou în presa românească (1860-1945)

Publication: Analele Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași. Secțiunea IIIe. Lingvistică, LXI, p. 181
Studia linguistica et philologica in honorem Constantin Frâncu
Abstract:In the aftermath of the 1848 Revolution, the satirical media of the 1860s became the stage for the use of slang because the political censorship of the time banished the indecorous pamphlet and imprisoned the pamphleteers who stood up against the regime. While in prison, the journalists who compiled the first slang glossaries of the age noticed the secret language of the inmates and decided to make it known and to use it as a subversive political weapon. Ever since, the use of slang in the satire became a well-known rhetorical device veiled in the theatrical discourse of comedy. A second frame included the use of slang in the news and cover-stories about the life of the outcasts and the marginal and grew under the influence of cinema and of the sensational stories about gangsters published in the international media from the first half of the 20th century. This linguistic fashion came to an abrupt end during the first years of communism. The paper overviews the life of slang in the newspapers between 1860 and 1945 with regard to the above mentioned traditions.
Language: Romanian

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