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Istoria literară şi aspectele ei metodologice contemporane

Publication: Analele Universității din București. Limba și literatura română, LIII
Publisher:Editura Universității din Bucureşti
Abstract:The article underlines some of the main contemporary theories about literary history, from René Wellek and Austin Warren to Gianni Vattimo, G. Genette, Paul Ricoeur, Richard Rorthy,Virgil Nemoianu and Antoine Compagnon`s theories. The main diference with the theories expressed before the 2nd World War is the transformations concerning the criteria of evaluation the literary field. The social criteria undergoes a major transformations, becoming one of the central piece in the new way of evaluating the literary field. One of the resons was the complete change of the paradigms of civilisation, the concept of „new humanism” developed by Vattimo illustrating this change. In the field of history of literature new concepts like fragmentary, the essentialsm vs. constitutive criteria are operating because this major change of social paradigm.
Key words:literary history, social criteria, literary paradigm, fragmentary
Language: Romanian

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