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Tendințe lingvistice în presa scrisă contemporană

Publication: Revista română de jurnalism şi comunicare, III (4), p. 45
Publisher:Facultatea de Jurnalism şi Ştiinţele Comunicării; Editura Tritonic
Abstract:[General language features of the written press]
The study emphasizes the main features of the language used in the contemporary written press, regarding also the evolution of the journalistic language.
The study case is based on the way that the language used in some newspapers/magazines has some concrete tendencies, such as: the use of many English words, the use of some incorrect words, the use of a specific language (viewed as a fashion of words). These are the features of the language used by common people, but also by the written press.
Key words:the general evolution of the language, English words, journalistic language
Language: Romanian

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