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Scurtă introducere a suprarealismului coreean şi lumea literară a suprarealistului împăiat, Yi Sang

Publication: Analele Universității din București. Limba și literatura română, LVII
Publisher:Editura Universității din Bucureşti
Abstract:At the age of 30, when Yi Sang (born Kim Hae Kyeong) started his literal activity, various literary currents from the Occident could be remarked in Korea. On one hand, the Korean literature was activated by the authors who promoted the nationalist ideology, and on the other, the new current, the modernism, was experimented by more and more writers. In this atmosphere of social culture, Yi Sang became the most „modern” writer of his age, the greatest poet who aroused a special interest by his literary theories, such as the surrealism or the psychologism. Yi Sang's work is the most extreme example of the rejection of Korean tradition, which happened during the process of modernization. His work expresses the disgust against the old customs which have lost their vitality and starts to promote a literature of self-examination. To him, literature meant an action through which he could show the internal world of his own self, a world of despair, a personal despair but also a national feeling in the context of the Japanese colonization. His works have therefore an autobiographic tendency. Moreover, the real situation of the society influenced his works. For him, literature was the only way in which he could escape the darkness of his world dominated by the Japanese imperialists. He also experimented new methods, as for example the psychological novel. During his short life (27 years), he not only introduced innovations in form and language but also expressed the complexities of passion and the indeterminate and complicate nature of self. Almost all his works were written with new methods, completely different from the traditional ones. He wrote using a lot of numbers and symbols, and sometimes with no space between the words. His free spirit proved that his works offered a new vision of the modernity. Through his works, Yi Sang shocks his readers, but in a beautiful way. And this literal shock still continues to our day.
Key words:Surrealism, Modernism, psychological novel, symbol
Language: Romanian

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