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Breaking News and News Alert, between Information and Spectacle for Rating

Publication: Social Sciences and Education Research Review, II (2), p. 81
Publisher:Sitech Publishing House
Abstract:We live in a digital era, a period when information travels with fulminant speed and goes from one side of the world to the other in only a few minutes. The general interest information has a strong impact on the mankind and is transmitted rapidly especially through the internet and through news televisions, which take over the information directly from the area where the event occurs or by the intermediary of other media channels, such as news agencies or other TV stations. Therefore, it is extremely important for the journalists to grant a particular importance to the research of a piece of news before broadcasting it as news alert or breaking news and to analyze the impact that the information has on the audience. This because, at present, we reached the situation of creating 10-12 breaking news per day, fact that leads to a decline in journalists’ credibility and it can cast ridicule on the journalist concepts of breaking news or news alert.
Key words:TV News, tabloidization, information, credibility
Language: English

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