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Die Übersetzungen der Habsburger Strafgesetzbücher ins Rumänische

Publication: ANADISS, 19, p. 187
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:“The translations of the Habsburg criminal codes in Romanian”. This paper explores the context and reasons for the extensive translation of legal texts from German into Romanian in Bukovina during the Habsburg period (1775–1918) and immediately following the unification with the Romanian Kingdom. The Austrian penal codes from 1787 and 1803 were translated by important statesmen and jurists in the different periods of the administration of the periods: Ion Budai-Deleanu and Eudoxius Hurmuzaki. The paper analyses the different translations and their impact on the Romanian legislation, legal terminology and juridical style.
Key words:criminal code, Habsburg Bukovina, translation, Romanian legislation, legal terminology
Language: German

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