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L’identité des minorités à travers la presse: le cas de la minorité turque de Roumanie

Publication: ANADISS, 19, p. 177
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:When talking about the integration of minorities in a country, the study of representations of that community is essential, as they reflect, quite accurately, conflicting or friendly relationships between the majority and minority populations, and the evolution of these relationships over time. Currently, these representations can be found in various types of discourse (political, advertising, etc.), but particularly in media discourse – a discourse that circulates already existing representations within a community, but may create, in turn, new ones. Therefore, our work aims at identifying and analysing media representations about the Turkish community in Romania that circulate at present. Studying a corpus of materials extracted from major circulating national and regional newspapers, we intend to see to what extent the Turkish community in Romania makes its presence felt in the media, and what aspects of this community are usually presented to the Romania public.
Key words:identity, representations, media, Romanian newspapers, Turkish Minority
Language: French

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