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Hiatul – delimitări teoretice şi terminologice

Publication: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXVI (2), p. 237-245
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Hiatus – A Theoretical and Terminological Account] The aim of this article is to provide an up-to-date theoretical and terminological account of hiatus in Romanian. I distinguish between internal hiatus (hiatus within the word), and external hiatus (hiatus across word boundaries). First, I classify these vocalic sequences according to vowel height and sonority, proposing 4 classes: rising hiatus, falling hiatus, constant hiatus, and identical hiatus. Second, I describe these V-V sequences depending on stress position, whether it is assigned on the first or second vowel of the pair, or if stress falls out of the hiatus sequence. Finally, for internal hiatus only, I investigate the distribution in the word.

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