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Citatele în presa scrisă. Aspecte ale funcţiei pragmatice

Publication: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXII (1), p. 73-82
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Among the various functions that quotations perform in the print media articles, namely communicative, expressive, compositional, intertextual and pragmatic we tried, by our contribution, to point out several operating mechanisms of the latter.
We identified the following aspects: explanatory, authority, authentication and argumentative quotes. The argumentative quotes are involved in the journalist's approach to the topic of debate submitted to the readers. They also can accredit or discredit it and they act in a convergent or divergent manner.
The persuasive value of a quote does not operate alone, by simply bringing in journalist's speech. This is not achieved only through the message transmitted by the source, but also by the way that the source does it. As demonstrated by many examples, the exact quotation of excerpts from the speech sources emphasizes the personal style and idiolect of each one, increasing reader’s feeling of authenticity and inciting to lecture.
Once accepted this evidence, it is clear that, within the news article, citation phenomenon requires the simultaneous development of two parallel kinds of rhetoric. The former one belongs to the source; the latter is the rhetoric of the journalist, who has a discretionary power to use and manipulate the quotations. The first one occurs only inside the source quotation and is limited and by the journalist’s interests and selection power.
As a result, journalist and source may have each one his own strategies, but not necessarily consensual (journalists can even aim to discredit the source). They both want to obtain receptor’s adhesion or sympathy.
Language: Romanian

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