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Cele mai vechi atestări ale unor neologisme româneşti. Note lexicale pe marginea manuscrisului 67 din Arhivele de Stat de la Veneţia

Publication: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXIII (2), p. 241-248
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The present paper focuses on several neologisms, most of which are still used nowadays, and emphasises that their first utilisation in Romanian dates from 1763. The Romanian writer Vlad Boţulescu used them in one of his translations from Italian into Romanian, which is currently preserved in the manuscript 67 of the State Archives in Venice.
The translator provided glosses for some neologisms, because he considered they could have been unknown to some of the potential readers.
The comparison between the Romanian text and its Italian source proves that these neologisms are mainly borrowed from Italian. Such remarks highlight the importance of the Italian influence on the 18th century literary Romanian.
Language: Romanian

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