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Glosarea numelor proprii în vechile traduceri românești ale Bibliei

Publication: Receptarea Sfintei Scripturi: între filologie, hermeneutică şi traductologie. Lucrările Simpozionului Naţional „Explorări în tradiţia biblică românească şi europeană”, II, p. 219
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:Marginal notes of varying nature (explanatory, exegetical, indicative) and importance are to be found in the first Romanian translations of the Bible from the 17th century. Written in the margin, side by side with the original textual reading, the alternative proposed is usually synonymous with the word from the text. Sometimes, rather than a synonym, they seem to correct some errors of interpretation by confronting several versions available at the time (in Greek, Latin, Slavonic or Hebrew languages). Some of this explanations are related to proper names.
Key words:glosses, proper names, Bible, philology
Language: Romanian

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