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Un modèle de stratégie conversationnelle dans le débat électoral télévisé: Destination Cotroceni

Publication: ANADISS, 1, p. 180
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:Ever since the Revolution that took place in 1989, the strategies and tools of investigation in the field of the media have undergone a process of modernization, whose main purpose lies in the organization of the information in an explicit and objective manner, in view of facilitating the delivery of the message to a particular target. This tendency of modernization is apparent in the conception of the electoral talk-shows, where the protagonists’ management of the situa- tion is decisive for the subsequent number of votes in their favour.
This paper constitutes a record of the peculiarities characterizing this new type of TV programme, highlighting the consequences of its structural constraints and the way they are reflected in the reality of the discourse.
Language: French

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