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Transparency and Translatability of the Terminological Metaphor in the Domain of Computer Science (A Contrastive Analysis)

Publication: Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Philologica, 6 (3), p. 381-389
Publisher:Scientia Kiadó
Abstract:Our research, Transparency and translatability of the terminological metaphor in the domain of the internet, is a contrastive analysis in the topic of the metaphor, especially. The relationship between the common and the special lexicon in the domain of the Internet in the English language as source language, the relationship between the common denominator between the source language and the semantic basis, of equivalence in the target language represent the aims of the research. The languages in which the analysis is carried out are different from the genealogical and typological point of view (the English language on the one hand, the Romance language and Hungarian on the other). The perspective is a descriptive-semasiological one, and the methods applied – the paradigmatic and syntagmatic analysis, the contrastive analysis – are adapted to this perspective.
The transparency in the meaning, the degree of translatability, the motivated character of the terminological metaphor, the role of linguistics / of semantics in the terminology of the Internet are only some of the conclusions of the research.
Key words:the terminological metaphor, the lexicon of the Internet, transparency, translatability, linguistics
Language: English

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