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Sextil Puşcariu şi Primul Război Mondial: între realitate şi percepţii subiective

Publication: Caietele Sextil Pușcariu, I, Section Istorie literară și culturală, p. 219
Actele Conferinței Internaționale „Zilele Sextil Pușcariu”, Ediția I, Cluj-Napoca, 12–13 septembrie 2013
Editori: Eugen Pavel, Nicolae Mocanu; Coperta: Călin Stegerean; Layout: Nicolae Mocanu
Tiparul a fost finanțat de Asociația Culturală „Text și discurs religios” din Iași
Publisher:Editura Scriptor; Editura Argonaut
Abstract:The war affected people’s private life, both the lives of those who remained at home and of those who were on the battlefields. Marriage and the couple’s morality were visibly influenced by the war state; people reacted in a complex manner when faced with the new framework of their daily life. The increased mobility of the population, especially of those drafted during those years, contributed to the “contamination” of large segments of the population with practices, attitudes, and feelings that would have hardly been noticeable in normal conditions of peace and traditional mentality background. Our purpose is to highlight the way in which Sextil Puşcariu, a distinguished Romanian scholar reflected in his memories this aspects concerning everyday life both for those remaining at home and for the soldiers.
Key words:
  • Primul Război Mondial, Sextil Puşcariu, memorii, viaţa cotidiană
  • World War I, Sextil Puşcariu, memories, everyday life
Language: Romanian

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